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Wedding Pianist Chatham-Kent

Live Piano Music

Wedding Pianist London Ontario

Why should I choose live music for my event?


Live music is an excellent way to create a more memorable and pleasurable experience at your event. It creates a more sentimental environment than recorded music can. It is also more socially inclusive than recorded music because the performer has the ability to communicate and perform directly with/for the audience. Live music also has the power to increase positive emotions and reduce stress levels. It can make a seemingly dull environment seem more inviting, brighter, and pleasant. Ensure that your guests feel more relaxed and welcome by adding live piano music to your event.


If you are looking for a wedding pianist, or you just want to improve the atmosphere of your social gathering, The Right Key Piano Services has you covered. As a freelance musician Daniel Lankhof is ready to provide live music for any event. The Right Key Piano Services offers you a wide variety of genres to choose from; jazz, classical, pop, rock, and more; this way you can select the style of music that will best fit your event. Call for a quote, or to book us for your event today! 226-626-6543, or Email us here.

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